The SuperScalar K10 is on sale!

‘’SuperScalar Launches the World’s First ZKP FPGA Miner K10 and K11 for Aleo”

SuperScalar, a leading computation acceleration company based in Singapore, has recently unveiled its two latest products, the K10 and K11 Miner, designed to accelerate the Aleo project. Aleo is a premier privacy protection project in the realm of L1 blockchain.

The K10 Miner employs a highly cost-effective FPGA, while the K11 Miner features a top-performing ultra-advanced FPGA. In the Aleo project, the performance of the K10 and K11 Miners significantly outperforms the 3090 GPU:


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2.The K11 can be upgraded to support zkEVM, such as the Taiko/Scroll project.

In the Aleo project, the FPGA Miner has unique advantages compared to GPUs and ASICs:

The K10 and K11 not only support Aleo but also several other POW algorithms. Prior to the release of the KASPA ASIC Miner, the K10 consistently held the number one spot on the F2Pool revenue rankings. It has now been upgraded to support Aleo.

K10 ranks first in revenue in KASPA*

*Data sourced from F2Pool, ranking does not include the subsequently released KASPA ASIC miner.”

K10’s algorithm support is as follows:

The launch of K10 and K11 comes amid an explosive growth of ZKP projects. As a leading provider of efficient zero-knowledge proof acceleration solutions, SuperScalar plans to continue launching new ZKP acceleration solutions in the future, including GPU, FPGA, and ASIC solutions.

The SuperScalar team has profound expertise and rich experience in cryptographic hardware products, zero-knowledge proof algorithms, and related acceleration technologies. Its outstanding performance products have been widely recognized by the community. The release of the ZKP FPGA Miner by SuperScalar has sparked great interest among zero-knowledge proof technology practitioners and the cryptographic hardware industry.

The ZKP acceleration solutions brought by SuperScalar’s K10 and K11 will lead the industry to a new turning point. This release will not only enrich the ecosystem of the Aleo project but also promote the industrial application and prosperity of the blockchain zero-knowledge proof technology ecosystem.