The SuperScalar K10 is on sale!

SuperScalar K11

Support Algorithm:





SuperScalar will update the newest FPGA algorithm bitstream for free.

K11 uses a super-advanced FPGA with the best performance.


Parameters Supported Projects Performance (PPS)
K11* Aleo, Taiko/Scroll, Pows >36000


ZKP Miner

Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology has emerged as the most important crypto technology in recent years. It is widely used in blockchain, especially for privacy and scaling. Now, the most promising Ethereum scaling solutions is zk-Rollup. 

As is well-known, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) involves a lot of computation, and accelerators are required to enhance performance. FPGA is an important ZKP accelerator because it has lower power requirements and the capability of parallel computation. When the market becomes large, the ZKP ASIC can be the best solution, as it is cost-effective and has higher performance.

 The SuperScalar ZKP miners will launch soon!