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Decentralizing ZK Proving: SuperScalar’s Strategic Partnership with Taiko

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Taiko, a based & Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM. This collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of provers in Taiko’s ecosystem by leveraging ZKP acceleration and Halo2 PLONK, including GPU and FPGA design.

Decentralized zero-knowledge proof communities typically face challenges associated with low performance, high cost, and centralization. SuperScalar is addressing these issues by providing devices with the best performance-price ratio. Simultaneously, the introduction of multiple solutions such as FPGA and GPU contributes to fostering decentralization within these communities.

To implement these solutions, we introduce a versatile Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) compatible with GPU, FPGA, ASIC, and other devices in the future. This HAL includes a shared memory management system across various acceleration modules, efficiently reducing data copying between the CPU and GPU. This initiative aims to cultivate a more efficient and decentralized ZK proving system for Taiko, offering a diverse array of choices to the community.

Recognizing that FPGAs outperform GPUs in specific aspects, we have broadened our support beyond the conventional GPU solution. We have developed a high-performance FPGA prover, maintaining superior performance and low power costs in a more compact size compared to GPU machines. We take pride in being the sole entity providing both FPGA and GPU provers, showcasing our commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Key features of our FPGA prover include support for up to 384 GB memory with large DDR, high-bandwidth interconnection within and across boards, and the ability to connect multiple provers to create a ZKP proving cloud.

In addition to the GPU and FPGA acceleration solution, we are also actively assisting Taiko with the development of a Proving Benchmark Tool. This tool will provide comprehensive performance data for CPU/GPU/FPGA configurations as we optimize the computation process.

Our collective aim is to enhance the overall performance of provers within the Taiko ecosystem and concurrently decrease the total cost of proving. By making the ZKP GPU/FPGA prover open-source and accessible to the entire Taiko community, we are committed to advancing decentralization within the platform and industry at large.

This partnership serves as a testament to the capabilities of SuperScalar’s multiple acceleration solutions. We extend an open invitation to potential ecosystem partners, inviting you to explore the boundless potential our innovative solution offers. Join us on this transformative journey, unlocking new possibilities and driving unprecedented advancements together.

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About Taiko:

Taiko is Ethereum, extended. Taiko is building a based & Ethereum-equivalent ZK rollup (Type 1 zkEVM) in order to scale Ethereum in a manner that emulates it as closely as possible — both technologically and ideologically. Taiko’s permissionless design maximizes security, whilst re-use of all Ethereum tooling and code ensures the smoothest possible developer experience.