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SuperScalar and Orbiter Finance Revolutionize ZKPs with Halo2 GPU Acceleration


We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Orbiter Finance, a leading decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the capabilities of Orbiter Finance by optimizing multiple modules of the Halo 2 algorithm, a prominent algorithm in the realm of zero-knowledge proofs.

Halo 2, acknowledged as one of the prominent algorithms in ZKPs, has garnered recommendations from esteemed bodies such as the Ethereum Foundation and has found adoption in influential projects like Orbiter Finance and Scroll. Notably, Orbiter Finance has harnessed ZKP within its Orbiter Bridge Protocol to reduce Gas fees in the arbitration process for decentralization. This initiative has led to the imminent fully open state of Maker’s arbitration process upon the official launch of the decentralized Orbiter bridge.

While Halo 2 presents challenges in practical implementation, our strategic partnership seeks to address these hurdles. Its intricate algorithm demands significant computational resources and it is time-intensive-take a few minutes to finish computation, leading to concerns of centralization and limited adoption:

  • As only these entities can afford the required computational resources, potentially concentrating computational power within a select few;
  • Being a scaling solution, the inherent time-intensive nature of Halo2 poses a significant barrier to ZKP’s practical application.

In response, we have developed hardware acceleration solutions, optimizing calculations such as MSM, NTT, and Evaluation to drastically reduce the time required for proof generation. Our approach involves a multi-faceted strategy, including architecture enhancement, algorithm optimization, and data transfer streamlining.

  • Architecture:MSM, NTT, and Evaluation are the main modules in Halo2, and they are taking a high portion (over 70%) of calculation time. SuperScalar created a GPU manager in its framework to provide external interfaces, while internally invoking CUDA code and managing operations through GPU FFI.
  • Algorithm optimization:we optimized different parts of the computation: (1) in finite field calculations, we optimize the computation process using Montgomery modular multiplication and implement acceleration through assembly language; (2)In the MSM module, we utilize the Pippenger algorithm for grouping, enhancing parallelism, and employing point addition operations with lower computational complexity; (3)In the NTT module, we utilize the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. (4) Field calculations encompass various computations based on finite fields, including batch inversion.
  • Data transfer:involves precomputing and integrating computations to minimize redundant transmissions between GPU and CPU, significantly reducing complexity and associated costs.

This partnership stands as a testament to the capabilities of SuperScalar’s Halo 2 GPU Acceleration Solution. We extend an open invitation to potential ecosystem partners, welcoming you to explore the limitless potential that our innovative solution offers.

About Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge with a contract only on the destination side.

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