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SuperScalar’s Strategic Partnership with HeroMiners



We are delighted to announce that SuperScalar has formed a strategic partnership with HeroMiners. As strategic partners, SuperScalar will integrate its computational power acceleration devices with support for the HeroMiners mining pool. This collaboration enables seamless, one-click connection between SuperScalar’s accelerators and HeroMiners, allowing users to accelerate their mining power without the need for complex configuration or debugging. Currently, algorithms like Alephium and Karlsen are already adapted and supported by Herominers, with a commitment to continually support new list Proof of Work (PoW) projects in the future.

This technical collaboration not only boosts the efficiency of computational acceleration but also expands the product and service portfolio of both platforms, offering users improved options for hashpower acceleration. In the future, the partnership is set to delve deeper into hardware and software acceleration solutions to provide even higher quality services to platform users.


About HeroMiners


HeroMiners, the world’s largest comprehensive altcoins mining pool, boasts a series of advantages, establishing it as a key player in the field of cryptocurrency mining. HeroMiners sets the pace in the mining service industry with swift updates and releases of new cryptocurrencies, giving miners a head start in capitalizing on market opportunities. They remain at the forefrontby constantly fine-tuning and upgrading algorithms across various digital currencies, ensuring mining operations are both efficient and competitive. 

Furthermore, HeroMiners’s robust analytical tools provide clear insights into mining performance and profits, complemented by a flexible range of settlement options to suit diverse user preferences. They are also recognized for their extensive range of educational materials suitable for beginners and their commitment to low service fees, significantly enhancing miners’ profit retention and overall benefit.